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In the summer months of 2020, Whereness launched to publish and display the best digital identity and content driven products around the globe.

Catering to an audience keen for global inspiration from both small companies and the giant corporations, Whereness aim to feature purpose driven digital products, services and websites beyond shortlived design and technology trends or a specific niche (we believe you probably already know a place or two to go to for all that).

Whereness recognize the craft, efforts and investments made for long lasting digital products, purpose over perfection, brand value and as well as commercial value and aim to inspire and support the design and technology community and the clients.

The balance between form and functionality, craftsmanship, content and the brand perspective is at heart and we run on the simple belief that even in a fast paced digital world that is ever changing, fundamentals such as well crafted digital identity and well curated products are more relevant than ever.

For inquiries, feel free to reach out at hello|a|whereness.co

Carl Unnerman

founder - curator & design


Amer Dababneh

Tech development


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